Courses & Workshops

Main topics in our courses and workshops:
  • Intro-  Introduction to Intelligence collection and to OSINT.
  • OSINT Plan - Strategies for making an effective OSINT collection plan.
  • The Internet web-  White, Grey and Dark.
  • Google Toolbox - Smart queries, advanced and sophisticated search in Google.
  • Beyond Google - Search and meta-search engines – how to find, how to use.
  • “Tracking Yesterday” – How to find lost or deleted information in the web.
  • Virtual Social networks - Extracting the maximum from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and many other networks.
  • "Navigation" - Swimming safely in the ocean of information: filtering information, tracking disinformation, evaluating the creditability of internet sources.
  • Databases - Extracting information and intelligence from legal, business and social databases, locating and utilizing formal and informal databases.
  • Opensat – Obtaining information and producing intelligence from open satellites, street views and IP addresses.
  • “Biz info” – Applying OSINT tools in business intelligence tasks – finding information about clients, suppliers, distributors and competitors, performing Due Diligence checks.  
  •  “Operational OSINT” – Using OSINT to support the protection of business activity, VIPs, critical infrastructures, etc, by detecting in the net relevant threats. including in real-time. 
  • Difficult Arenas -  Adjusting OSINT to specific arenas: The MENA region, Latin America, Asia, etc.    
  • “Put it on paper” – Guidelines for composing OSINT reports.