Due Diligence Support

Doing business in the MENA region is very rewarding but also complicated. Before entering a negotiation process and surely before taking a Go / Not Go decision, you must be sure that your business partner, whether a company or an individual, is someone you can trust and is not involved in suspicious activities.  In the Middle Eastern reality, where ties with the authorities are usually crucial for one’s prosperity, you must verify, for example, that your potential business partner did not become a “persona not grata”.
Since a freedom of information legislation usually does not exist in most Middle East and North African countries and because certain governments in the MENA region censor information and sometimes provide disinformation, performing the due diligence tasks   is very complicated. However, our team of researchers know where to look, how to find the hidden databases, how to asses Middle Eastern open sources and eventually – how to bring you the accurate information concerning your potential business partner.