OSINT Training

As internet and computer technology advance, and following the emergence and expansion of virtual social networks, using open-source intelligence (OSINT) became an essential component in the process of information and intelligence collection, analysis and evaluation. As a result, many institutions, organizations and companies acknowledged that in order to function properly and to save time and resources, they must develop their in-house OSINT capabilities, by hiring skillful and well-trained information specialists.


The objective of our OSINT courses and workshops is to provide the trainees with advanced practical knowledge in obtaining information from open sources, in making OSINT collection plans and in evaluating and analyzing information gathered from open sources. During the course or the workshop the trainees will acquire the up-to-date knowledge that will turn them into professional information specialists.
In our courses and workshops we strive to teach our trainees be creative, think out of the box and reach unique solutions. Our courses and workshops are intensive, interactive and dynamic.


Our courses and workshops are tailor-made for the client’s needs. They are adjusted to teach and train information specialists and research analysts working for governmental entities, law enforcement agencies, the business sector, human-resources agencies, academic institutions, research institutions and think tanks, private investigators, law firms and insurance companies.


Our OSINT course and workshops are directed and taught by professional instructors who are very experienced in information collection, OSINT, intelligence analysis and business intelligence. The instructors have advanced academic degrees (PhD or MA)  and they have already instructed OSINT and Business Intelligence workshops and courses.