Sharia Finance Research

Sharia Finance (also known as Islamic Finance or Islamic Banking) is a developing and flourishing sector in the MENA region and all indicators suggest that in the future almost every financial activity in the Middle East and North Africa will involve Sharia Finance in one way or another and will require a thorough understanding of its characteristics and mechanisms. Sometimes, finding a specific Islamic ruling (Fatwa) related to Sharia Finance can make the difference between a successful or an unsuccessful deal.
Highly aware of these facts, MEANA OSINT’s specialists have acquired a vast knowledge about Sharia Finance. Our analysts follow constantly this sector with all its trends, developments, advantages and disadvantages. We provide our clients with quality researches and information about all aspects of Sharia Finance and assist them in promoting their business activity and in avoiding mistakes and problems.
As Sharia Finance is expanding far beyond the boundaries of the MENA region and becoming a global phenomenon, we in MENA OSINT follow the developments of Sharia Finance worldwide in able to provide our clients the necessary information for their business activities in other countries, Muslim as well as non-Muslim, which introduced and encouraged Sharia Finance.