Startegic OSINT Research 

Following the collapse of the regimes in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Libya, the eruption of the civil war in Syria and the riots in Bahrain and Jordan, it became evident that governments and intelligence agencies around the world had failed to anticipate this huge Middle East Earthquake, despite the enormous resources used. The US Congress and even President Barack Obama suggested that the US intelligence community had failed to asses properly the events, mainly due to their poor performance in collecting and analyzing the huge volume of information available in open sources. 

One of the most interesting conclusions was that the US intelligence community must improve its OSINT capabilities and especially the capability to extract good intelligence from virtual social networks in the relevant Middle Eastern languages. This conclusion is very relevant not only for governments and intelligence agencies, but also for NGOs, companies, corporations, businessmen, think tanks, universities, etc.

MENA OSINT, with its advanced information collection and analysis capacities and with its team’s experience in Middle East languages, is here to fill this gap. Our thorough knowledge of the virtual social networks of the MENA region may help you uncover the invisible and undersurface social and political occurrences, changes and developments in the Middle East and North Africa and to utilize the findings for the benefit of your organization and your interests.

Our skillful team of collectors and analysts is capable of performing a large variety of tailor-made research tasks relevant to the economic, political and social life in the MENA region. We will do it quickly, thoroughly and with no bureaucratic barriers.